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Hi, I'm Abbass.

I have developed hundreds of softwares, websites and mobile apps which have 10,000+ downloads.

I can help you build something awesome, something that matters.
Hello at 923161126671 :)

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I am specialist in visualization and finding Simplest Solution for Complex Problems !


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Semantics-UI
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • Angular
  • Typescript
  • Vue
  • Ajax
  • JSON
  • Protobuf
  • Bower
  • Gulp


  • NPM
  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • MySQL
  • Firebase
  • MongoDB
  • Alibaba, Amazon Cloud
  • Facebook Graph API
  • Restful Web Services
  • Web API
  • Github && Bitbucket


  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Native Android App
  • Native iOS App
  • React Native
  • Go (Golang)
  • Dart
  • Flutter (Android, iOS)
  • Jquery Mobile
  • Phonegap
  • Cordova
  • Ionic


  • Raspberry Pi
  • LoRa & LoRaWAN
  • RAK Gatewary
  • Arduino
  • Web Sockets
  • MQTT Services
  • Python - Django/Flask
  • Machine Learning
  • TensorFlow
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • OpenCV
  • Linux
  • SSH


My few awesome IoT, web & app projects.

Smart Home Automation

Smart Home App makes your home SMART. This home automation system will control lighting and appliances. It also includes home security such as access control and alarm systems.

Lights will be switched on/off automatically at sunset/sunrise using weather API, you can also unlock door remotely.

Mobile App

Unified Social Commerce Management

eZay helps you manage orders from your all your multiple FB pages. Send order invoice to customers & track real-time order delivery map with Order Tracking App.

Web App Mobile App

Simple HR

A simple, yet powerful app to keep everything on track.

Employee's payroll, PC screenshots, remote attendance with OpenCV Face Recognition and GPS tracking makes it easier to track employees.

Web App Mobile App

Cloth Design App

Design and order customized dress with a mobile app.

Mobile App

Complex Algorithm and Polygons

This web app draws region, districts and townships and can also find from which polygon a location belongs.

AI Multiple Barcodes Scanner

Scan multiple barcodes in seconds.

My Interest

I am an Entrepreneur, Teacher, Influencer, Writer, Problem Solver. I love exploring latest technology. Following is my area of interest, I like to work on these all night with a cup of coffee